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During the recent years, we have positioned ourselves as a leading corporate service provider to major real estate broker firms and property investors in the UAE.

We are able to assist you on all aspects of setting up a UAE offshore company in relation to buying, selling, and managing properties within the UAE and have a working knowledge of the practices of local authority.

Many speculators, investors and end users prefer buying, selling, managing (especially UAE) properties through a UAE Offshore company – Called corporate ownership rather than individual ownership.

In partnership with one of the leading real estate companies based in Dubai, Gulf Selective Properties, we can also assist you to buy, sell, manage, or rent a property in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

Advantages of using a UAE offshore company for buying and selling Properties:

Set up time: 24hours.

Tax and duty exemption

100% foreign ownership permitted and 100% tax and duty exemption.

UAE Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

Corporate Bank Account

Bank account opening with UAE prime banks, multi-currency, with full internet access, making it easier for international money transfers.

Physical Office not required

No physical office in the UAE required with the Offshore License. You will use our physical address as registered agent with the government, saving you a lot operational costs in terms of renting offices.

Asset Protection in Case of Death

In case of death, corporate ownership of assets (such as properties) is transferred via simple company share transfer to new beneficial owner, saving a lot of legal inheritance troubles and costs.


Corporate ownership and business ensures beneficial owner's confidentiality.

Joint Investments

Best choice in case of joint investments and joint business owners.

Advantages of UAE offshore over other Offshore Jurisdictions

Very costly and time consuming mandatory legalization and notarization of Documents by UAE consulate and Ministry of Foreign affairs from other offshore jurisdiction such as BVI, Panama, Cayman Islands etc., can be avoided.

Other Activities Allowed

The company can also act as Trading Company, Consulting Company, Holding Company (Buy/Hold/Sell stakes of companies).


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