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United Arab Emirates is very stable country politically and economically and Ras Al Khaimah, one of the promising emirates of U.A.E, is one-stop shop for the investors and is one of the best regulatory environment in a very stable political and economic country. Ras Al Khaimah is Middle East best kept secret and that can be offered to investors . Free Zones and Offshore companies offer international investors full ownership of their business, in addition to availing of tax and duty exemptions. Other key benefits include 100% capital and profit repatriation; easy availability of labour with a liberal labour law, easy licensing procedures, excellent port facilities, with no foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas. Moreover, the UAE has signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with a number of countries.

RAK Company Administration FZ LLC (RAKCA) is one of the largest Registered Agent for incorporating Offshore & Onshore Company regulated under Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority. RAKCA is based in Ras Al Khaimah with its representation in Switzerland. RAKCA offers a full range of corporate services to its international clientele through tax effective onshore/offshore structures primarily in the United Arab Emirates. Our range of services include incorporation, management and administration of the offshore company, establishment of bank accounts with prime banks in UAE, accounting and auditing, legal and financial consultancy and real estate services

We Establish :

Offshore companies - An offshore company is a company which is incorporated outside the jurisdiction of its primary operations. Offshore companies are sometimes known as non-resident companies. An offshore company should not conduct substantial business within the offshore jurisdiction where it is incorporated.

An Offshore company is :

o Very flexible corporate entity commonly used in international tax planning ; and
o Can be integrated into a wide variety of business arrangements.

Benefits of an Offshore company are :

o Tax optimization and reduction of tax exposure;
o Assets protection ;
o Efficient corporate structure ;
o Protection in case of death and reduction of extensive fees.

There is no standard reply as to which is the best offshore jurisdiction. However, RAK Offshore at the very outset was conceived to allow people unleash their entrepreneurial spirit by making it easier and more cost effective to start and operate offshore business.

There are a number of business activities which are suited to be operated through an RAK Offshore company, these include:-

- General Trading;
- Consulting and Advisory Services;
- Holding Company (buy/hold/sell stakes of companies) ;
- Investments and Joint Investments Company ;
- Property Owning;
- International services ;
- Professional Services ;
- Shipping and ship management companies ;
- Commission Agents Company – Intermediary Brokers (IB's) .

The initiative of RAK Offshore will allow foreign investors to register offshore companies in the Ras Al Khaimah without the need to establish a physical presence. The RAK Offshore Registry gives more flexibility than other offshore company jurisdictions in the UAE. For example international companies will be able to own an interest in properties designated for free-hold sales, anywhere in the UAE and there are no restrictions on the types of business other than those set out by public policy and local regulatory requirements of the licensing authority.

A RAK Offshore company :

o Can be incorporated with a symbolic capital and ;
o With Sole Director/Sole Shareholder or with Corporate Director/Corporate Shareholder;
o It may own real estate in the UAE, with prior authorization from RAK Investment Authority;
o It does not require the shareholder/director to be physically present in the UAE for incorporation.

A RAK offshore company can only be incorporated by a registered agent and RAKCA, as an agent to RAK Offshore can incorporate your RAK Offshore Company within 24 hrs. Any non-resident individual or corporate entity can register a company with RAKCA.

Real Estate Service - During the recent years, we have positioned ourselves as a leading corporate service provider to major real estate broker firms and property investors in the UAE. We are able to assist you on all aspects of setting up a UAE offshore company in relation to buying, selling, and managing properties within the UAE and have a working knowledge of the practices of local authority. Many speculators, investors and end users prefer buying, selling, managing (especially UAE) properties through a UAE Offshore company – Called corporate ownership rather than individual ownership. In partnership with one of the leading real estate companies based in Dubai, Gulf Selective Properties LLC, we can also assist you to buy, sell, manage, or rent a property in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.


Onshore companies - RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) is a Government body formed in 2005 with a mandate to promote industry, trade, investment, tourism and infrastructure in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE.

Benefits of Onshore companies :

- 100% income and corporate tax exemptions;
- Easy Licensing Procedures;
- No trade barriers or quotas;
- Excellent local and international banks for funding project finance;
- 100% ownership in Free Zones, ready availability of power, water and gas at competitive prices, investor breaks ground within 3 months of signing lease contract as against 12-18 months elsewhere and above all each investors and employees receives a residency visa.

Accounting and Auditing Services

In house full array of Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing Services are provided by RAKCA to meet the diverse needs of various types of business activities.

Service Include :

- Financial Accounting Services;
- Accounting System Design & Implementation;
- Bank Statement reconciliation;
- Records Management;
- Financial Statements;
- Accounts payable;
- Accounts receivable;
- Payroll;
- Asset accounting management ;
- Depreciation and amortization schedules;
- Sales Tax preparation.

With the rapid growth of Ras Al Khaimah market, RAK Company Administration FZ-LLC, largest registered agent regulated under RAKIA, has launched largest Business Centre in Ras Al Khaimah – RAK Business Square FZ-LLC strategically located in the Amenity Centre inside the Free zone Area of Ras Al Khaimah. RAK Company Administration FZ-LLC had indeed promised to open a new business venture to meet the growing investors’ needs in its press release as on 22nd September 2009. As promised, RAK Business Square FZ-LLC has been launched with a clear-cut vision to enhance new, unique and innovative office solution to meet the needs of the investors’. RAK Business Square FZ-LLC caters to your company’s need in providing you with a conducive environment to do business while maintaining a distinct ambiance of your personal space. Wide range of facility is being offered by RAK Business Square FZ-LLC ranging from Virtual Office to leasing out office space. RAK BUSINESS SQUARE FZ-LLC is indeed one-stop shop for investors whether it be national or international investor. Investing in Ras Al Khaimah has always proven beneficial for the investor from all over the world and opening of the Business centre regulated under RAKIA would provide a best environment for the investors.

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