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Middle East dreams start with Dubai company incorporation; investors incorporate Dubai Company to avail the following:

- Dubai Company strategic location
- Dubai company free living tax
- Dubai company plenty Freezone ports
- Dubai company High-tech facilities

For investors considering Dubai Company Formation, a number of free zones exist, and eachhas a distinct legal status for Dubai Company incorporation. Investors starting up Dubai Company within the free zones are not subject to many restrictions enacted by Dubai Company Law and other UAE laws and regulations of Dubai Company incorporation.

Dubai company investors can obtain license from free zone or economic department. Dubai Company type can be either Dubai company-LLC, Dubai company offshore , Dubai company-branch or Dubai company-free zone.

Following information help investors determine whether Dubai company incorporation is the ideal solution for their Dubai company registration.

- Dubai company incorporation gains the strategic location of Dubai emirate.
- Dubai company incorporation is not recognized as a tax haven.
- Dubai company incorporation is an ideal way to legitimately book international profits without paying local business tax.

- To boost Dubai company incorporation, the Dubai government offers investor low cost energy and good communications infrastructure.

- Dubai company foreigners can avail 100% ownership with FZ company
- No capital required for Dubai company incorporation

Investor should know thatevery business in Dubai needs a sponsor for Dubai company incorporation except Free Zone Company.Dubai company incorporation in free zone requires big capital.

Knowledge of Dubai company incorporation role can save the investors thousands of dollars. Investors must understand the type of Dubai company structure they need to set-up, minimum financial requirement of Dubai company incorporation and how to find a local sponsor for Dubai company incorporation.

For Dubai company incorporation, Dubai company investor should find a suitable location for his business. Keep in mind that setting up Dubai Company in many of the commercial centers in thecity could not bean advantage, especially if the investor business is a small-scale enterprise.

Dubai company incorporation procedures are similar to the general system other emirates follow.Using professional consultancy to help you with Dubai company incorporation can speed up the procedures and the necessary information for Dubai company incorporation.

RAK Company administration team endeavorsto make Dubai company registration as easy as possible.

Dubai company registration procedures are

- Choose the legal structure of Dubai company incorporation
- Choose the location of Dubai company incorporation
- Compiling &preparing the required documentation for Dubai company incorporation
- Co-ordination with the relevant regulatory & Government authorities to get the approval for Dubai company incorporation
- Obtaining office space to start Dubai company operation
- Obtaining Trade License, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Share Certificates and lease Agreement required for Dubai company registration
- Processing visas, labor cards and other documents required for Dubai company incorporation

Legal Structures for Dubai Company

The Federal Law specifies a total local equity of not less than 51% in any Dubai company and defines seven categories of Dubai company incorporation as below

- Dubai company : General partnership company
- Dubai company : Partnership-en-commendams
- Dubai company : Joint venture company
- Dubai company : Public shareholding company
- Dubai company : Private shareholding company
- Dubai company : Limited
- Dubai company : Share partnership company

LLC Dubai Company is more commonly chosen by the foreign investors for Dubai company incorporation.

Dubai Company license:

- Commercial licenses
- Professional licenses
- Industrial licenses.

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